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Here are our hints, suggestions, and recommendations. However, as always we are here to help you! Call us if you need assistance.

Home Claims
Water – Fire – Wind – What do I do?
  • Make sure you and your family are safe.

  • Call the Fire Department if necessary.

  • Take reasonable action to prevent further damage.

  • Call a Disaster Restoration Company.

    • We Recommend the following:

      • Custom Clean-Up.  Call – 1-208-871-2187

      • Flood & Fire MEDIC.  Call  1-208-461-5000


Contact WP Insurance (466-2662) or your insurance company.

Auto Claims
Crash! Bang! What do I do?
  • Pull over to the side of the road and get out of harms way.

  • Contact police if necessary.

  • Inspect your  car, and any other cars involved in the crash,  for damage.

  • Exchange important information with all parties involved:

    • Vehicle Owners’  names and addresses

    • Drivers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and drivers’  license numbers

    • Year, make , model, and registration (plate) numbers  of other vehicles

    • Name of insurance company for all vehicles

    • Contact information for any witnesses


Contact WP Insurance (466-2662) or your insurance company.

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